Igniting the love
for Islam.

We are passionate about Islamic Education.

Islamic education has been getting a bad rap for many decades. Parents have to force children to go to Islamic classes, students don't see the point of learning religion, and teachers are just going through the motion.

Islam has been watered down to a set of dry rituals. Islamic education is all just about memorising a certain set of texts and rules.

At Qaswa House we believe in exploring the 'why' to the rituals. Faith that is built on reason and rituals that makes you a better person.

When the 'why' is clear, the 'how' becomes easy.

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"Qaswa day is the best day ever!"
Wahhaj, Year 1
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"My kids just can't stop talking about what they learn at Qaswa."
Qaswa Parent, Year 4
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"There is just so much energy here"
Qaswa Parent
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"My son is now praying without having to be told. How do you guys do it?"
Qaswa Parent, Year 5
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