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oming of age


oming of age

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We understand that adolescence is a difficult time, especially when you are different from everyone else.

We will be spending one-night camping in our backyard discussing the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes and responsibilities of being a Muslim adult.

Packing List

- Sleeping bag (or at least a thick doona)
- Pillow (if needed)
- Clothes; 3 sets including undergarments and socks
- Hat
- Warm jumper
- Rain jacket/coat
- Sport shoes
- Thongs
- Hygience kit (comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc)
- Extra bag for ditry clothes
- Sunscreen, insect repellant etc
- Any medications taken
- Some snacks if needed
- Headlamp or torchlight
- Water bottle

Qaswa House will provide all meals; Lunch, tea and dinner for the first day, breakfast, lunch and tea for the second day.

We will also provide all notes and stationery needed.
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