Qaswa High

Year 8 — Year 12

At Qaswa, we believe that the journey of the mind and the soul are not separate. That together, they understand the light of knowledge.
Qaswa House is a place where curriculum build character and religion is taught with reason to produce students who are rooted in faith and action.
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We believe that every Muslim should read the Quran cover to cover in a language they understand at least once in their lifetime.

Qaswa High students will go through the Quran cover to cover in English with brief actionable tafseer to allow them to see how the Quran is relevant to their lives.

Fardh 'ain

Reason is to revelation, what sight is to sunlight.

Students at Qaswa are taught the essentials in Islam, from matters of Belief, Practice and Spiritual Refinements. Matters of faith should be firm that it should be grounded in reason. We focus a lot on the 'why', and when the 'why' is clear, the 'how' becomes easy.
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One will not have complete faith, until I (Prophet Muhammad) am more beloved to him than anything else.

The life of the Prophet and the Quran are two sides of the same coin. One cannot understand the Quran without studying the seerah. Our focus in learning the seerah is to learn to love the Prophet which than makes it easy for us to follow his footsteps.


A person is on the religion of his best friend.

Towards the #MiddlePath is our philosophy. We would love to have well balanced Australian Muslim. We design our Madrasah to allow our students to forge lifelong friendship, teach them team work and good values.
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The Text

We select three high quality books that can accompany our students through out their lives; a good and reliable Quran translation, a guide to being Muslim in the modern world, and a book on the life of the Prophet.
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For Quran studies, we want our students to finish reading the Quran in English with simple explanation that would make the Quran relevant to their daily lives. The translation that we use is by M.A.S Abdul Halem.
For Fardh 'Ain, we use the a book by Dr Asad Tarsin, Being Muslim.
Our Seerah text book is Revelation by Dr Meraj Mohiuddin.
The books can be purchased at Qaswa House.

The Details

Day: Every Friday during school term

Time: 4.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Fee: $150 per term (and a one time registration of $50)

Textbooks: Students will be required to purchase three textbooks that will be used through out for 5 years of study.
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